Grazia Equity is one of the leading early-stage Venture Capital firms in Europe.
For more than 20 years, we’ve been supporting entrepreneurs on their journey from foundation to IPO or sale.

  • Grazia is financially independent. Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we work predominantly with our own capital. This gives us high flexibility and enables us to make fast and pragmatic decisions.
  • Grazia is a reliable partner along the life cycle of a company. While we are often one of the first investors with ticket sizes usually between EUR 0.5mn and EUR 2mn, we budget sufficient capital for each company to remain a strong partner for entrepreneurs during the development of their firm.
  • Grazia is driven by passion. We only invest in topics and teams that excite us. For example, we’ve been investing in clean tech since 1999, so impact investing is part of our DNA.
  • Grazia is very selective in choosing projects and teams. Without pressure to invest we only support what we believe to be the best of the best. Once we are in, founders can count on our full commitment.
  • Grazia is a true asset. Founders benefit from our unique business network to leading decision makers as well as from our extensive business-building expertise in B2B and B2C. We support and advise our founders with both strategic and operational challenges. We constantly strive to meet the highest standards.

Having invested throughout two severe financial market crises, we have proven that we weather stormy times. At the end of the day, fairness and empathy are the essential values that shape our decisions, our actions and our lives.


We love great entrepreneurs as well as big, world-changing innovations and ideas.

Our enthusiasm is generally not limited to particular industries. Nevertheless the following success criteria are important to us:

  • An extraordinary, dynamic and talented team preferably with relevant experience
  • A unique product or service
  • A sustainable and defensible competitive advantage
  • A scalable business model
  • Sizeable market potential


  • Grazia Equity GmbH
  • Falkertstrasse 10
  • 70176 Stuttgart